Charlie is on the way home ( but it may take awhile)

I have no idea on when the blog will next update as I head home on Amtrak starting at 9 AM out of Emeryville, CA and start the long trip east.

The train is “supposed” to arrive in Chicago at 3 PM on Tuesday and then I connect to the train to Boston 5 hours later…..but

Amtrak concedes that Train #6 from California does not make it back in time to connect to the Eastern trains so I may not be back at South Station until THURSDAY!!! If things go well with the connection in Chicago I will be back in Boston Wednesday evening.

However please continue to email us at and if something major develops will will somehow find a way to update the blog.

Thanks all for your support and may everyone have good commutes next week.



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3 responses to “Charlie is on the way home ( but it may take awhile)

  1. Daniel

    But did he ever return? No, he never returned, and his fate is still unlearned…

  2. Anonymous

    I hope you enjoy your cross country trip on Amtrak as much as I did (no sarcasim intended).My family and I, when I was 13, took a train from upstate New York, former home, to Los Angeles to see our family and of couse, visit Disney Land. Even though their was a train derailment between syracuse and Buffalo (of a freight train, non-Amtrak related) and they had to bus us from syracuse to Buffalo, and even though we then missed out connection in Chicago (Amtrak put us up in a 4 star hotel, my brother and I got our own room over looking the Chicago River, and they gave us a few $75 per person to spend for the day and a half that we were stuck there – it was the best diversion we had ever had). So, even though we got into Los Angeles a day late, and on the way back, we had the exact same problem, except the derailemtn happened in New Mexico, it was the most fondest memory I have for a vacation. People must understand that to take amtrak, you must not be on a deadline. Amtrak is great if you have time to spare, and are in no rush to get to your destination.

  3. We really need like a bullet train network or something here in america.

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