TransitWorks needs E Line riders to help

from Mac Daniels blog at

E branch Travel Diaries
TransitWorks is recruiting volunteers who ride the Green Line’s E branch and take notes. Volunteers will record the quality of trips on the E branch during the week of April 1 to 7.

Kate Lowe at TransitWorks wrote that participants may even be able to win a real, live Breda car (smiley face thing inserted here). To participate, you must sign-up for a brief training session on Tuesday, March 27th at 3:30 OR 5:30 p.m. in the Longwood Medical Area.

For more information or to sign-up, contact TransitWorks at 617-557-7349 or

You can also visit their website at



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2 responses to “TransitWorks needs E Line riders to help

  1. Anonymous

    What is the track record of TransitWorks? I read over the newsletters on their web site and they seem to be good PR for the MBTA. I did not see anything that was critical of the T.Are they serious about making improvements? Or are they a rubber stamp for the T? Has the T acted on any of their previous work?

  2. lou

    well I for one will volunteer for this and hopefully find out their true intent

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