FYI: blog will next update on Tuesday

Charlie continues his vacation and will be without a computer the next 48 hours or so as I will be on Amtrak’s California Zephyr. I have always wanted to see the Rockies by train and I have the time to do so. I am supposed to arrive in Emeryville, CA on Monday evening around 6 PM but I have been told this train has not been on time once in the last year.

Please continue to send your commuter reports to If anything major develops I will try to have someone update the blog. I will have email access on the trip via my cell phone ( I hope )

Have a good weekend.



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6 responses to “FYI: blog will next update on Tuesday

  1. John Mc

    The Zephyr is a beautiful ride! Enjoy your travels Charlie.

  2. I took it over the summer. Because of track work we had to bypass the Rockies and go up through Wyoming. We were 9.5 hours late.

  3. I can not say enough about the views in the Colorado Rockies or the Sierra Nevada….just stunningThe 30 MPH speed restriction all through Nevada however was not fun as the UP is doing major trackwork.We arrived 6 1/2 hours late which the crew said is actually “good” for that train.

  4. Anonymous

    My last trip on Amtrak 5 was 45 minutes early into SLC, and then the UP screwed us, big time, across Nevada. We arrived in Emeryville six or seven hours late. This was TWO summers ago. Some trackwork…

  5. John

    When I took train #6 east last summer we were 17 hours late into Chicago and they had to put us up at the Hilton for 2 days until they could find space pn the Lake Shore Limited

  6. I have already be warned that my return trip leaving Sunday from San Francisco will probably NOT make the connection with the Lake Shore Limited on Tuesday out of Chicago. Amtrak says they will take care of us in Chicago if that happens……What gets me is if they know the UP has a speed restriction why don’t they change the schedule…

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