GLOBE:With software glitch, it was ‘Sorry, Charlie’

The T admits there was a major problem with the faregates at CHARLES-MGH

Hundreds of passengers who passed through the Red Line’s Charles/MGH station had their monthly passes rejected over the past two days due to a software glitch at the station’s new fare collection gates, T officials said yesterday.

Officials said the problem was fixed before rush hour last night.



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6 responses to “GLOBE:With software glitch, it was ‘Sorry, Charlie’

  1. Anonymous

    No offense to <>Charlie on the MBTA<> , but we really need <>< HREF="" REL="nofollow">BadTransit <><> for the appropriate level of bitchiness this particular incident engenders. What happened to them? Are we back to a MBTA blog monopoly??

  2. John

    Did Mac Daniel read his own story? That man whose pass worked at Charles St. in the evening, but failed the next time he tried to use it in the morning at Wollaston. I interpret that sequence of events as his Link Pass being erased or canceled as he passed through Charles St., NOT having the passes “rejected” or “not recognized”.

  3. But didn’t Mac Daniel tell us that all the CharlieCard problems were due to users not understanding the system?

  4. <>Anonymous said… No offense to Charlie on the MBTA , but we really need BadTransit for the appropriate level of bitchiness this particular incident engenders. What happened to them? Are we back to a MBTA blog monopoly?? <>Normally I would have gone over to Charles/MGH and ask what happened but that is a little hard with my being in Chicago this week.Right now I am more concerned that it took the T the better part of 2 days to figure out what the problem was.

  5. John Mc

    I didn’t think Charlie was being bitchy. The text was from the Globe. All Charlie did was pass along an article. Although leave it to the T to screw up moving a piece of hardware 100 feet down the street. Now that’s being bitchy. 🙂

  6. I think Anonymous’ point wasn’t that Charlie is a bad site, just that a story like this seems well suited for commentary in the bitterly snarky tone of BadTransit. Indeed, I think their point was that CotM isn’t going to be bitchy but maybe that point of view could be a valuable additional response to the story. I tend to agree. Its nice having a site for level-headed criticism, but its also nice to have one for righteous indignation. Its nice having both around, but I’m also assuming BadTransit is just on vacation and this is nothing to become worried over.

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