Charlie’s Mailbag – February 26th – bus complaints

Charlie is still riding the CTA in Chicago and if you think Boston has problems…..I’ll post more on that later but the situation in the Windy City concerning transit is not good.

from the mailbag at

Umer is not happy with the 503 bus

For almost as long as I have been riding the 503 express bus (2 years), it
has always had an issue with being on-time. Recently, it has gotten to the
point where the scheduled bus doesn’t even show up which means I have to
wait for another half-hour for the next one. Even then, sometimes that one
is late 15 minutes and this reflects heavily on my tardiness to class. I go
to BU Medical School and I rely on this bus to be punctual since it serves
an area of Boston that is mostly employed by professionals (Copley area).

One of my major problems with the 503 is that it has an even shorter route
than the 501 yet the 501 comes (exactly as written on schedule) every 5
minutes during the morning. I do not see any reason for the 503 which runs
EVERY 20 MINUTES to not be on time.

I am really disappointed in this service.

I am not familiar with the 503 but one look at the inbound/outbound schedule shows that the T has no margin for error on that route. That maybe the root cause of your problems.
503 – EXPRESS BUS Brighton Center – Copley Sq. via Oak Sq. & Mass. Turnpike

Anne grumbles about the #39 bus

Does anybody know if the T has cut back on the number of buses on the #39 route inbound from Jamaica Plain? Many mornings I have waited 15-20 minutes for a bus that is scheduled to arrive every 5 minutes.

I was under the impression that the T added buses to that route on December 30th. Perhaps one of our bus gurus has the scoop.



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3 responses to “Charlie’s Mailbag – February 26th – bus complaints

  1. bjc1115

    Route 32 is getting some of the 60 foot buses, but only during rush hours, because of the crowding on that route the NABI low floors couldn’t hold (comfortably, at least). If it’s affecting the Route 39 bus, then the T should put out a request for 10-15 more 60 foot buses.

  2. Anonymous

    <>If it’s affecting the Route 39 bus, then the T should put out a request for 10-15 more 60 foot buses.<>… OR restore the E-line to Arborway and repurpose the 39 busses to other routes.

  3. Lou

    I live right across from mission park on huntington, and while dealing with the retracking from september-december, I came under the impression (via notices they placed at stops from brigham-heath) that they had stepped up service for the entire 39 line the same day they cut E line service down to brigham. I assumed that meant that when they renewed E service to heath they would drop a few buses or so. So this would mean that they may have cut a couple buses on or around Jan. 1st. but as far as i know they should have about the same service as they did before september.I could be wrong about some of this but i know for sure they added buses on september 1st, and now where I live 39 service seems less frequent as well, although 39, 66, and E train times vary so much every single day that nothing is predictable anymore.

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