Teenager stabbed multiple times at Back Bay T station

from the Herald

An 18-year-old man was in critical condition at Boston Medical Center yesterday after being stabbed multiple times at the Back Bay MBTA station, leaving commuters stunned and police looking for witnesses.

An MBTA security guard said he saw a group of about seven youths running past the scene and thought, “They’re up to something.” The guard said the victim was conscious when found.

MBTA spokeswoman Lydia Rivera said police haven’t determined whether the victim knew his assailants. Shortly after the stabbing, a pool of blood remained on the outbound side of the station’s lower deck, as detectives surveyed the scene and stunned T riders looked on.

from the Globe

The stabbing occurred around 4 p.m. at the Orange Line station, and the attackers fled afterward, said Lydia Rivera, MBTA spokeswoman. She added that police may get clues of the suspects’ identities after they review tapes from the station’s surveillance cameras.

“This is unusual,” Rivera said of the group nature of the attack.

The victim was taken to Boston Medical Center and was in critical condition last night, she said.



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5 responses to “Teenager stabbed multiple times at Back Bay T station

  1. John Mc

    so what about all those security people that usually sit around back bay station? Including one of the vendor booths that’s now a security station I believe?

  2. Clearly, we need to close all 18+ train stations as presumably its the location at fault and not a culture of consequence free violence that persists in Boston thanks to our top notch Homicide squad.

  3. Anonymous

    Actually we can also thanks the “community activists” that forced the T to disband their highly successful “undercover anti-gang squad”..one of the few T PD units that actually worked

  4. Anonymous

    The T has security guards? Where? What exactly do they do, besides sit around and collect a paycheck?

  5. Anonymous

    staurday 4/14/07 Bolyston st outbound on the green line had no customer service agent there and the T decided that it wasn’t important enough to send an employee to cover the station . I wonder how many passengers rode for free that day.

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