Bloggers on the T February 15th edition

quick scan of the Boston blogging community to see what is being said out there about the T

Despite its failings, I’m still an MBTA defender. Consider this: the entire transit system in the city of Pittsburgh — ironically also nicknamed the T — closed down yesterday. Including the fancy, all-new $1 billion Light Rail Transit. …
Idea Critic –

Apparently that had something to do with the T not running on schedule. When I left work yesterday, I had to wait over an hour and a half to get on a train. At the Aquarium stop. I cannot remember a time where I’ve been so angry.
I can understand if there’s something that causes a delay. But the trains were still running…they were just so packed that no one could get on. And they were saving one car on each train for T employees. You’d have completely packed cars, and one car with five guys on it. So annoying. Winter Weather Rage

Give me a brake
by Christie MBTA’s technology failed and everyone had to revert to the best-kept secret in public transportation, the 57 bus. With the T blocking an intersection for most of the day, students and cars couldn’t reach their destination and the bus …Rants Above the Radar –

Winter Blunderland
7 hours ago by DavidColeman222 A MBTA official (T cop) drives by in his SUV while I’m frantically trying to dig my car out from being stuck and says “You’re going to have to move sir.”
The Adventures of Funkyman –

I waited for the shuttle bus from the parking garage near my apartment to the station (which is owned and operated by the MBTA), and waited, and waited. Forty-five minutes later, a bus arrives, but apparently since the driver doesn’t …
Colin the Bold –

MBTA Commuter: “I’m done!”
by Daniel R. writes:. So low now that I’m on the verge of paying the additional expenses of driving into the city every day. It just couldn’t get any worse. Over 2 hours to travel from Copley to Watertown! Problem 1. No Express buses. …

As reported in the Metro and regurgitated by the MBTA, the new department will, on paper, prevent people from being bounced around different offices and representatives who, from experience, weren’t always knowledgeable, …
CharlieBlog –

But she was upset, and I told her that when she got home, she could look up the customer service number on the MBTA website and to call them and ask for the number for the garage for the 73 lines, and that she could then call *that* …
Boring stuff here –

Nobody at the MBTA listened because the Washington Square T stop was buried under two inches of ice. Nobody on my walk to the train listened as I nearly fell on a patch of smooth glare ice. I was stuck behind a kid walking to school who …
pasquinade –

My Very Own Free, Plastic CharlieCard
we have added a true Boston layer on this process. We have the nation’s oldest subway (sure looks and acts like it too), and we have made using it as convoluted as possible. Tags: massmarrier, Massachusetts, Boston, MBTA, CharlieCard.
Marry in Massachusetts –

To the! Sure enough, Swampscott is the third busiest station on the … Granted it is a distant third, Salem and Beverly are the 2nd and 5th busiest commuter rail stations in the entire MBTA commuter rail system. …
Landed in Swampscott –

Latest MBTA statistics indicate that since 1997, daily ridership has fallen by 5000, … This loss of public transit ridership has a negative impact both on the health of Jamaica Plain residents and on the health of MBTA revenues. …
The Arborway Committee Blog –

You can add the MBTA messing up in a storm to death and taxes as the only sure things in life. Trying to get down the staircase on the inbound side at Kenmore proved a challenge with about 30 people trying to cram in. …
Massachusetts Liberal –

Transit Camp Goes Global
14 Feb 2007 by Mark Kuznicki Charlie on the MBTA wants to bring the Transit Camp event format to Boston: An open invitation to Dan Grabauskas. Will was saying that Vancouver’s interested as well. Toronto Transit Camp is designed to propagate just as BarCamp did. Remarkk! –

And if the pass had in fact “not worked,” why was the reader recognizing the thing as an MBTA pass at all? Maybe it’s because my card holder is just fine, and your Charlie Crud is screwed up.
One Smoot Short of a Bridge –

A comprehensive list of how to locate and glimpse abandoned stations and tunnels of the MBTA helpfully broken out by T line.Metaboston –

Two stops later, MBTA police came onto the train and made sure she was okay. When she said she was fine, the T police told the conductor to warn people it was slippery on all the platforms and on the train. … –

Universal Hub, Charlie on the MBTA and, of course, Bad Transit are filled (pretty much daily) with complaints from T riders about poor service and surly employees. Do you read these posts? How often? And what do you do about them? …
Universal Hub –


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  1. Regarding the Pittsburgh T shutdown, < HREF="" REL="nofollow">this article<> gives more details about what happened, and trolley wire de-icing is handled in other cities.

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