PATRIOT LEDGER – T pays some to sit and do little

The weekend edition of the Patriot Ledger brings a front page story about one worker complaining about her workload at the T. Not too much work, too little. So she filed a complaint that the T wasn’t given her any work because of her age ( she is 75 )The state dismissed the complaint but wait until you read why.

complaint Mendeleyev filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination was dismissed in September, but the agency did not dispute her estimate of her workload.

Instead, a commission investigator found that there was no discrimination because most of her colleagues were given the same number of assignments, if not fewer.

One of the other engineers received no projects to work on in 2003 and 2004 and another had one assignment, the investigator reported.

T spokesman Joseph Pesaturo declined to provide information on Mendeleyev’s salary and the engineering payroll.

read the entire article here


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