Boston Held Hostage – Day 3

Hopefully all this will die down shortly and we can focus on more pressing issues like

As some new facts come out it was just a very difficult day for the Boston Police Department.

I just hate seeing our fair city being laughed at by many across the world. Boston has warts but it is still our home.

Turner says sorry to Boston

“We never intended this outcome and certainly did not set out to perpetrate a hoax. What we did is inadvertently cause a great American city to deal with the unintended impact of this marketing campaign. For this, we are deeply sorry,”

Turner Broadcasting System yesterday accepted full responsibility for the guerrilla marketing campaign that caused a scare in Boston.

The two young men charged with perpetrating a hoax that gripped the city launched into a smirking, rambling performance – art skit yesterday as reporters sought to question them about the terrorism scare. As their chagrined lawyer looked on, Sean Stevens, 28, of Charlestown and Peter Berdovsky, 27, announced they would respond only to questions about human hair.
BRIAN MCGRORY: Bad hair day in Boston

STEVE BAILEY: Laughing to the bank

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