Green Line to become "Yellow Line" on February 9th

The Green Line will be renamed the Yellow Line on February 9th as part of a one day promotion with Verizon Yellow Pages.

As part of the promotion Jewel will perform first on a trolley and then at a free concert at South Station.

Mac Daniel has all the details on the Starts and Stops blog.


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3 responses to “Green Line to become "Yellow Line" on February 9th

  1. Is the “Yellow” line “whizzing” because of all the urine in the stations, Mac? Will it be able to stop at Boylston that day or will Chinatown community leaders protest?

  2. Rob

    While they’re at it, the T should stick to its efficient spending habits and repaint all the trolleys and station signage yellow for the day.

  3. KiKi

    I just talked with the media ralations guy at Idearc Media and apparently the Green Line tihng is no longer happening (shocking) apprently it wasn’t all that feasable at rush hour!! Concert is still at 7pm, and ther will be a private concert for “invited guests” only beforhand.

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