bloggers on the T January 30th edition

Fact of life people blog about the T

There are some unhappy campers out there. We do try and find positive blog entries about the T but what comes up in the searches is what comes up….a recent sample

Allison e-mailed me about her blog entry

I posted a story about my experience on the MBTA bus with a careless driver that slammed on the brakes (several times) causing people to fall and I’ve got a huge bruise on my leg now because of this:

I just wanted to share.

Landed in Swampscott tells us about morning entertainment only the T can provide

A basket case writes an open letter to T Conductors

The Somerville News blogs about trash at the Davis Square T station

Bad Transit has another problem at the fare vending machines

Jen writes on My Space about Vermin on the MBTA

A brand new blogger has his second entry which is not negative about the T

Drew on Live Journal rants about the T’s new faregates

NEPete at Blue Mass Group laments the failed attempt to restore the E line to Arborway

and finally
a poor college student complains about the fare increase.

Yup Boston bloggers talk about the T. I just linked them for people to sample.



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2 responses to “bloggers on the T January 30th edition

  1. Regarding the BadTransit post about credit card usage limits at FVMs:

    At Davis Square station a couple of days ago, I met a Tufts University instructor who was trying to buy 30 $6 CharlieTickets for use by her students in a class project. The students were to take four bus rides to various parts of Somerville.

    However, the machines only let her use her credit card four times, and she had to buy the rest of the tickets with cash. I don’t understand why there would be a $24 limit on the use of a credit card.

  2. Anonymous

    What a pain.

    At least the machines let you buy up to 4 daily or weekly passes in a single transaction.

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