Globe Magazine calls CharlieCard Best of the New-2007"

The Boston Sunday Globe Magazine cited the T’s CharlieCard as one of 94 people, places, and things that in the last 12 months have changed Greater Boston for the better.

Fare Fix
The unveiling of the CHARLIECARD – a fare card that replaced subway tokens – dragged America’s oldest subway system into the 21st century. Now you can buy a new card or add value to an old one in train stations; eventually the cards will be registered online, allowing users to cancel a lost card and replace it. Try that with a token.



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4 responses to “Globe Magazine calls CharlieCard Best of the New-2007"

  1. Anonymous

    The CharlieCard was something great, too bad it had to be run by the T.

  2. Anonymous

    CharlieCard doubleplusgood!

  3. Wow. Its like they read a press release and everything. Yay “journalism”!

  4. Jackie

    Funny. Last time I checked a token worked every single time. If for some reason it didn’t work, I wasn’t called a liar by a T employee.

    Charliecards would not be so bad if:
    1. they worked all of the time.
    2. you could check your balance online like a bank account, or gift card for those times you mysteriously are missing part of your balance.

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