The CharlieCard comes to Fenway Park

The CharlieCard comes to Fenway Park in 2007.

The Red Sox in announcing the new improvements for the park for the coming baseball season added that new MBTA “Charlie Cards” vending machines will be installed inside the park to ease the process of “Taking the T.”

The real fun will be Opening Day when fans travelling back to Riverside find out they will have to pay to go outbound. Fenway Station will be a complete madhouse

The Sox announced that for the first time since the park opened in 1912 a ladies room will be available on the third base side of the park.

For all the details please click here



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2 responses to “The CharlieCard comes to Fenway Park

  1. if they’re smart, they’ll rename Fenway to “the swamp” and encourage everyone to use Kenmore.

  2. For whatever reason they have changed the signs at Park St telling people to go to Fenway Station first

    new signs at Park St

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