Has anybody heard back from Team Charlie?

Anne from Somerville writes to charlieonthembta@gmail.com

2 weeks ago my card stopped working and I am unable to get downtown during the week to the T’s service center as I work in Burlington and commute on the 350 bus. I was told to report my problem to teamcharlie@mbta.com which I did.That was on January 11th.

Within seconds I received this auto-reply

From : teamcharlie
Reply-To : teamcharlie@mbta.com
Sent : Thursday, January 11, 2007 12:12 PM
To :
Subject : Re: Charlie Card not working at all

On behalf of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, thank you
for writing to us about our automated fare collection program. Your
e-mail has been forwarded to the appropriate personnel for any follow up
as needed.

This e-mail address is for questions or comments regarding our customer
service enhancements and automated fare collection. If your e-mail was
regarding a different topic, it has been forwarded to feedback@mbta.com.

Thank you for your comments.

Team Charlie

I gave them my home number, work number, email address and still after two weeks I have heard nothing.

Do they exist?


Anne that is a good question.

So I will ask you loyal readers, have any of you heard back from “Team Charlie” since the beginning of the month?



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4 responses to “Has anybody heard back from Team Charlie?

  1. I have sent two separate emails to this address with Charlie related issues, and so far I have also just received the automated response. In my case its been at least 1-2 weeks as well.

  2. They were pretty good at getting back a few months ago before the CharlieCard rollout, but I haven’t written since.

    Ironic she works in Burlington where the AFC equpiment manufacturer’s US headquarters is… maybe she should stop by their office!

  3. Mike

    Well I got the canned response as well but nada since

    But checkout this link. How much did the T blow on this presentation to corporate customers?


  4. Anne L

    I emailed the MBTA about the poor service I received on January 4 when I went to Downtown Crossing to exchange my employer-provided link pass for an inner express pass. To date, I have received no response from the MBTA, not even an acknowledgment that my email was received.

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