Watertown has commuter rail service.

This may come as a surprise to the residents of Watertown but according to the manufacturer of the T’s Commuter Rail information signs, Watertown does have commuter rail service.

The company Adaptive Micro Systems of Milwaukee installed the signs some five years ago which 99% of the time happily tell commuters “All trains operating on or near schedule…” have never provided the train information that was promised at the time due to a communications system that was considered obsolete when it was installed (analog cellular)
I find it amazing that the company cites the T as a testimonial for their work.


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2 responses to “Watertown has commuter rail service.

  1. Rob

    I love how the same company also uses the same image of a rail station with photoshopped-in text about Chicago bus routes.

  2. Bill - Cambridge

    That station gets a lot of weird trains


    Have never seen this displayed EVER

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