Charlie says "cheer up Patriots fans"

It seemed with a 2nd quarter lead of 21-3 the Patriots were well on their way to the Super Bowl.

But Payton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts engineered the biggest comeback in AFC Championship game history and the Patriots will think about this game for a long, long time.

Years from now last nights game will be considered one of the greatest playoff games of all time but the day after that is of little consolation to Pats fans.

The commute Monday morning was full of sad faces.

But Charlie says to cheer up as in just over 3 weeks from now the Red Sox will begin spring training in Florida which is the true indicator that winter will soon be over.



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2 responses to “Charlie says "cheer up Patriots fans"

  1. Brian

    Was I the only one who flashed back to “too many men on the ice” when the Pats were called for “too many men in the huddle”

    I’m in shock

  2. First thing that came to my mind, too! And I didn’t even see that Bruins game, only read about it later.

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