Will somebody tell the T the Harvard Busway is closed

Even away from Boston for the weekend in “chilly” San Diego (46 degrees but sunny GO PATS!!) the mailbag at charlieonthembta@gmail.com brings a comment from Allison in Medford.

I ride the 96 bus from Medford to Harvard Square daily and I signed up on the T’s website to get personal alerts for the routes I take. This morning I looked and everything appeared normal with a green check mark next to the route. But it turned out that the busway in Harvard Square is closed for repairs and will be until Tuesday and the bus ends at Cambridge Common and coming home I need to board the bus at the Johnson Gate which until today I had no idea what or where it was. Would this not be considered either an alert or advisory?

Well I would certainly think that qualifies as something that should be reported and the picture you sent shows the T considers it a “sevice advisory”. The ever helpful service alert page at the MBTA’s website says the following

Service Updates
MBTA Services are constantly updated through our operations center. Please check here regularly for up-to-the-minute updates on every transit service as well as elevators and escalators.
Click on any Transit mode below to read more about any active transit alert or advisory.
« Back to Service Updates

This closure affects not only the 96 but the 72,74,75,77 and 78 as well. The T has signs posted at Harvard but there is no excuse for not having anything on the website especially considering it was planned closure. The customers on these routes are among the most wired people in the city and the most likely to check the website. There simply is no excuse for this information not being on the T’s website.

The T’s public relation department was aware however as boston.com ( and I’m told the print edition as well ) has a picture of the closed busway in Mac Daniel’s Starts and Stops for Sunday. More on that column after the game.


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One response to “Will somebody tell the T the Harvard Busway is closed

  1. Anonymous

    Silly, silly. You hit the point yourself, it was a PLANNED closure. Therefore, no need to do an alert (for when passengers inconveniently fall into platforms, etc.) or advisory (when the weather misbehaves, etc.).

    Because it was a planned closure, riders will simply experience the change upon arrival!

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