the fire on bus 0476 (correction)

Photo 7News
Thanks to the folks at and for picking up on the bus fire Friday morning (January 5th)

Fire ignites in back of MBTA bus (1/05/2007)VIDEO from 7NEWS

Channel 7 was the only media outlet to pick up on this story which I find curious. If this had happened on one of the Chinatown buses to New York (Fung Wah , Lucky Star or Boston Deluxe ) you can be certain that Picknelly family of Springfield who owns Peter Pan Bus Lines would make sure the word got out quickly as the Chinatown buses have cost Peter Pan a great deal of revenue on the New York-Boston run.

The fire happened on the #276 route (EXPRESS BUS Boston Medical Center – Long Island via Expressway & Neponset River Bridge) which you will not find listed on the T’s website. It is a contract bus used to shuttle passengers from the homeless shelters on Long Island and the Boston Medical Center. Nobody was seriously injured in the fire though there were reports the driver was hospitalized for stress related trauma.


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  1. Anonymous

    hmmm a bus full of homeless people… foul play perhaps? Someone smoking on board?

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