T plans to purchase new vehicles for Commuter Rail

The T announced on Thursday that are putting out to bid an order for 38 new diesel electric passenger locomotives and 75 bi-level commuter rail coaches.

“We need to take advantage of new technology,” said MBTA General Manager Daniel A. Grabauskas. “A fuel efficient, dependable, and environmentally friendly commuter rail vehicle is what our customers deserve and why we are encouraging manufacturers to competitively bid this work.”

Presently, the T commuter rail fleet consists of 410 coaches including 140 bi-level and 270 single coaches, and 80 locomotive units. The fleet ranges in age from 29 to 7 years of age. Commuter rail service carries approximately 74,000 customers each weekday.

As Mac Daniel in the Globe points out this morning the T is going to need more cars and locomotives available next summer when the Greenbush line resumes service after nearly 50 years. The former New Haven Railroad shut down the service in 1959 when the Southeast Expressway opened.

Also in Pawtucket, Rhode Island the city and CVS are discussing plans to save the old railroad station in the city and are holding out hope that Pawtucket would be given a stop on the Providence commuter rail line.



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2 responses to “T plans to purchase new vehicles for Commuter Rail

  1. Anonymous

    And extra coaches for the Nashua/Manchester extension of the Lowell Line? Please? Anybody?

  2. Anonymous

    More bi-levels? Will they park them in the yard at North Station and never use them, like the ones that have been parked there for over a year now? I’ve never seen a bi-level operate out of North Station.

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