North Station Improvement Project – update 12/27/06

The North Station Improvement Project is well underway and soon Northside Commuter Rail passengers will have some creature comforts enjoyed by Southside passengers at South Station. The project is being funded by Delaware North Companies of Buffalo, New York the owners of the TD Banknorth Garden and the hockey Bruins. When completed the size of the waiting area will be almost 3 times what it is today , much improved toilet facilities and information signs that should be much better than the existing TV monitors being used.

North Station riders have suffered for over 10 years since the old station and Garden were demolished but it appears things will be much better by next summer. One of the big mysteries in Boston transit was why the old station was renovated in the late 1980’s with many shops (Au Bon Pain, Hudson News, Blockbuster Video) when it was obvious when the new Garden was finished the station would be closed. But that is the Boston we know and love…

This is how North Station looked on 12/27

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