MBTA new website back on line 12/20

The new improved MBTA website is back up and running as of Wednesday morning.
It shows a great deal of promise though it appears at this time you are still unable to get service alerts by e-mail or text messages. The Google maps are very clear. For example I have been testing the interactive map on the 66 Harvard-Dudley route. The map shows every stop along the route and when you click the stop you intend to use it shows you the due time of the next bus.
Route 66 (see it on this map)Union Sq Allston Via Brookline –>
Closest stop:
Harvard St & Kent St Times: 02:18 PM,
Hopefully it will soon display the arrival times of several buses so one can plan.
Another plus is the schedule now shows the times for every run instead of the old system where a star would indicate 10 minutes or less.
Overall the new site at first glance seems to be an improvement.
As far as Charlie Cards go there is of yet no provision for adding value to an existing card online but I am told this will appear after the first of the year.

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